Cultural Insanity

The roadmap to great organisational culture


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Are you working in a great organisational culture? Is your culture program achieving the results you were hoping? Are you working with a highly motivated team who all pull in the same direction?

If not, author Ross Judd says you might be guilty of cultural insanity without realising it. If you’ve initiated a “culture change” program because something was wrong (instead of including culture as part of your ongoing strategy), talked in vague terms about “improving” culture without identifying what’s really needed, or spent days analysing confusing data from a “culture survey” – then you’re almost guaranteeing a mediocre culture. In the new book, Cultural Insanity (Michael Hanrahan Publishing $19.95), workplace culture specialist Ross Judd has written a practical guide on what really creates a great organisational culture. Judd says leaders can achieve a great culture by aligning it with the organisations purpose, and then defining the culture you need to achieve that purpose. It’s part of his unique A.D.A.P.T. process that shows how to engage your people in creating a culture that inspires the sort of motivation, commitment, and drive that leads to powerful business outcomes. A practical and accessible book for leaders of organisations of all sizes, Cultural Insanity empowers readers with a simple and effective process that gives you everything you need to create and maintain a great culture.
"I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I spend my life talking about leadership and culture and loved how you so simply and succinctly defined both concepts. Thanks. I agree with everything you write about."
Justin Langer