How Do You Get Your Team to Be Accountable?

How Do You Get Your Team to Be Accountable?

Are you struggling with accountability within your organisation?

Are your people willing to keep to their commitments?

Will they take responsibility for their mistakes, or do they tend to “pass the buck”?

A lack of accountability from their team is a frequent complaint from managers and leaders. These are reflected in statements like:

“We need to get better at holding people to account.”

“We continually fail to deliver on commitments.”

“I’m not confident they will get it done in time.”

Fortunately, implementing accountability is deceptively simple. The three steps to building a culture of accountability in your organisation are:


1. Encouraging personal responsibility
2. Setting strong agreements
3. Managing interdependencies

Ensure you implement this as early as possible in any project and watch as your people start to keep their commitments, accept responsibility, and become more reliable in their work.


This approach I have been working with for years and now, I am offering you this process to use in your own organisation.


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